Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Break Time frum ma MidTerms

I had four classes today starting at 8:30am (Calculus, yeah!). That also included a group presentation in Marcoecon (I was the only one in my group who presented), frustrations with a Mac in my Communications course, and a mid term in Biology, not to mention the mid term I took in Calculus.

Right afterward I had an appointment with my calc professor--cool guy. Then I headed straight to the library, wrote a report on my presentation for output gap in Switzerland and the UK from 1600 til 2000, quick dinner, and now I'm here: taking a break from my Communications Audience analysis 6 page paper I have to do. I just got to the second page.....

Last Friday night, at like, midnight, I decided to apply for University of Lausanne! It has a language program for me to integrate in properly and learn French, not to mention it has a strong Economics and Russian program. Not to mention it's also SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than University of Geneve. No, French isn't my beloved Spanish, but this is God taking me where He needs me. I'll do whatever it takes to keep me in Switzerland.

I sent the online portion in and I have most of the paperwork done, but I just saw today, gah, that I need to send in my CV. NO!~ my CV is SO far from being ready. I mean, I worked with the lady in the Writing Center on it but I have barely looked at the template since last week. Can't my beatuful American RESume suffice? please?...

So the group project I mentioned earlier. Yeah, I made the presentation, I found the graphs, I presented. I wanted this project to be solo and I got my wish. The first time I tried meeting with the two other group members, I waited for them for 45 minutes and neither of them showed up.

I. was. livid.

We didn't present because we ended up meeting the night before in their dorm building (15 minutes late) and they decided that this just was not possible.

Shoot me.

So for the sake of the group, I took a punch.

This morning, one of my group members was ill and the other couldn't find the graphs.

Okay I'm done with this. I can feel my temperature rising just writing this out.


On a happy note, the paper is turned in and the art museum by Lago Lugano reopens this Saturday. I'm going with my buddy from San Fran, Arnie!

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