Sunday, March 11, 2012


Woke up this morning before my iPod, scrambled up, and headed out to meet the gang. I really thought the Grotto was suppose to be open so I could get my daily injection of cappuccino, but alas, it was not. How could I expect something that convenient?

Anyways, the bus was about 30 minutes late, we stopped for a 30 minute bathroom break, and had an hour to blow in Ljubljana. Everyone else I asked ended up sleeping more (because a six hour bus trip isn't enough time to sleep) but I. went. out.

I gave myself the grad tour of my surroundings and stumbled on the opera house (no shows tonight), and two art museums; and I hit the jackpot. Not only was the first museum I went into free for students, it was a specialy museum in Slovenian art! One artist sticks in my mind in particular: J. Petkovsic.

One scene of a peasant with wheelbarrel struck me. A placard mentioned his austere and melancholy undertones were what made him so promenent in this region. He only had half small room dedicated to his works with only six or so of his paintings on display. Maybe that's all he painted.

The opera house was not particularly striking. This was the first opera house I've seen though, where they have tutu's on display behind glass. It's a very simple form of advertisment, I think. Very sophisticated.

We went on a three hour walking The Maltese version was more pleasing.

Dinner wasn't anything to mention either. We just ate at the hotel. I could tell this professor wouldn't be big on "eating for cultural knowledge". And so far I've been right. Let's hope things improve.

And hopefully I can get a haircut tomorrow.

The rest of the evening was spent working out in the hotel (four stars) with my roomie, Lauren. Yeah man, pumpin some ironn.

Then I hit the sauna and steam room. I think those were well deserved after these past two weeks.

Oh, and there's a Zara right across the street from this hotel (Best Western) and the prices are outrageous. There's no place like Vegas...

Day 1 of Academic Travel

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