Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Take a look at THIS!: Itinerary for Academic Travel Spring 2012

This is "technically" referred to by FC students as The Magic Bus Tour part II because this is the second bus trip Professor Schlein takes in an Academic year, but this is the more famous one.

Keep in mind that what you are about to read will BOOGLE your minnnd! (is boogle a word?) All of this travel is done on a bus, meaning no trains nor planes will be used in the course of these two weeks.

March 11, Sun: Leave Lugano. Drive across northern IT to Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. Afternoon guided tour.

March 12, Mon: meeting with Slovenian economist/former gov't minister, slovenian prof of law. Drive to Croatia and capital, Zagreb.

March 13, Tue: tour or Zagreb. meetings with Croatian historian and an economist .

March 14, Wed: Depart to Belgrade, Serbia.
March 15, Thurs:  meeting at Mission to Serbia of the O.S.C.E , meeting with Serb experts on foreign policy and economy.

March 16, Fri: early morning drive to Bosnia and Herzegovina and capital Sarajevo, visit City Hall, meet with Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo

March 17, Sat: tour of Sarajevo, visit old Turkish bazar and where Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated.(I'm SO excited for this stop, thank you Mr. Bradley's sophomore year WWII history segment.)  meeting with a Bosnian prof and theater director for politics and culture.

March 18, Sun: depart to Neretva valley, visit old bridge of Mostar, continue down Adriatic coast, drive to Dubrovnik

March 19, Mon: tour of Dubrovnik, visit to University of Dubrovnik and meeting with professor

March 20, Tue: excursion to MONTENEGRO!! drive to Cetinje, Lovcen pass

March 21, Wed: Depart for Split, guided tour of Split, visit to palace of Roman Emperor Diocletian

March 22, Thurs: departure to Rijeka then to Postojna in Slovenia

March 23, Friday: visit/tour of world famous vaces of Postojna! then drive back through northern Italy to Lugano.....

arrive in early evening.

so it's much more acadmically focused than my Malta Academic Travel, but I get to go to 5 countries , all of which use different currencies ( I believe. I'm pretty sure Slovenia is the only one I listed that uses the euro...)

let me name the 5, just for kicks:

3.Bosnia and Herzgovina
not to mention new parts of northern

bahahahah, how did I find this place. I'M even jealous of myself right now. Wow it's getting late and I still have to walk down the hill. I guess I better get crackin

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