Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The sun shone through my window; my phone buzzed. I pushed the blankets off me and headed upstairs for breakfast, groggily. That was the earliest 7:10am I've ever experienced. I go through this every summer, as do all high school-oriented kids, but it shouldn't be happening the first week of June. (Especially since I went to bed at a mere 9:30 last night...)
I passed copies of the visa packet my mom and I labored through on my way out my bedroom. The luggage we bought at Kohl's yesterday still waits on the landing. (You know, if I go over the 50 lb. limit on each piece I'm charged $150 by Swiss Airlines.) I had all paperwork, interviews, and fees paid by the early deadline in order to get free roundtrip airfare, which I am extremely proud of. So I guess you could say steps one, two, and three: check, check and check.
The realities of flying over the Atlantic in nine hours and five minutes to Zurich haven't hit me yet, I'm still waking up to that.