Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Our most beautiful and most navegatable city so far! I tried going in the Adriatic in this seriously remote location but it was so chilly I only went in up to my waiste. Call me extreme.

We stayed at a Hilton. It was very well lit and they had a pianist in the lobby. (It's amazing how many piano's we saw in this was the equivalent to Bosnia's extreme number of cemeteries.) The seabass for dinner the first night was probably the best meal we've eaten together on this trip! Breakfast was always bomb, too. I would never have to buy lunch, that's for sure...(haha, I had all these plastic bags with me so I filled them with figs and hazelnuts from the bar when the waiters weren't looking and took a pear and yogurt for the road!)

Dubrovnik was such a contrast from Bosnia. This is "western" territory so all of the Roman Catholic churches were plentiful. I actually walked into the main cathedral the first evening and found a group of girls singing, each one holding a candle. There was one soloist that stood out above the rest. They giggled as they practiced or worshipped, but I stayed and listened as long as I could to their chants.

Last night Julie, Priscilla, and I went looking for internet and a hat shoppe and found a wine bar in the meantime. Julie and I had a glass of Rose for 20 kuna each and Priscilla had dry red wine for 35 kuna. Besides the fact that Rose was slightly cheaper than red, I chose it because I've never had Rose before. Can you believe that?? Incredible I know. I just love my red. All the wine was locally produced in Dubrovnik so that was comforting. The ambiance was romatically lit with dim lights and had cases of wine in mahogany cases and barrels everywhere. The three of us were the only ones in there...then again, it was 7:15 in the evening.

Fuego, the Latino Club, is apparently closed in the winter from sundays through wednesdays...what kind of an Academic Travel is this?

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