Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Zagreb, Croatia muah

Academic Travel continued...

had a haircut this morning in Croatia's capitol at 7:30. The lady didn't speak english; this was something the girls at the salon didn't tell me last night when I made the appointment. but it was fun. I had her chop off 5 centimeters. She washed my hair for an unreasonably long amount of time. She also didn't stop blowdrying my hair until I told her it was dry enough. I mean, I looked like a poodle after she blow-dried my hair!! So I just put it back in my typical bun and bobby pins after I left.

The countertops were clear of any products a typical Spaniard or US salon would have had; the lady brought out her bag of potions in something similar to my travel bag of toiletries.  There were three hair-washing stations. The lady took my jacket and scarf to hang it up right after I took it off. She even pushed the chair infor me when I sat down...I can't remember the last time a man did that for me...

The seats don't glide smoothly with the pump of a foot like they do in the States and Western Europe. The ambiance was a bit depressing. The colors were bleak, the furniture and hair driers were shabby, the woman was smiling.

I get cheap haircuts in the States, but I think this is some of the local differences you can see between different governments. I really think this place has seen the worst of socialism.

I paid 150 kunas. I'm very happy with it.

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