Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bosnia and Herzegovina

After seven hours on our favorite bus, I. went. out.

I walked into an herb shop. The lady was Turkish and all her products were from Turkey, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania. I had to buy something. So for 2KM (Convertible Marka), I bought half a kilo of cinnamon sticks. The scents that hit me when I entered the shop were phenomenal. She had every herb in drawers in the wall. This place was tight. It was uncomfortable with five customers in there.

I went back to the hotel to get a massage. They were having a super special (turkish bath, exfoliant, and massage for the price of one. ) Never again. He loved my upper legs. Neverrrr again.

By the time I left that intrusive situation, it was midnight and I was just bored. So I went out. again. A British pub, Cheers, caught my eye so I stopped in for a glass of red wine. Dry, a bit tart, but to my liking. (I prefer Maltese wine, though). There was this live, local band playing and they were a jam.

The layout of the pub was disorienting for me and after the wine I guess I was  just lost. I tried walking between these two women that were sitting at two separate tables through this wooden structure, which I thought was a door. Some people were staring and I couldn't find the handle.

"Where's the exit?", I had to ask for clarification. The guys across from her were smiling.

"Oh, honey, it's over there!", she had to yell over the band. Those guys were bustin' out laughin. pff, so was I.

Balkanisation--problematic situation, unpredictable; negative connotation

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