Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bosnian Food

Okay so I don't remember what they're called. I'll get the name later (It did begin with a "ce"). Whatever it was I ordered, it was pumpkin and it was served warm, mixed with local cheese, and in a bakalava kind of pastry. It was a bit greesey....a little sweet...eastern european food. yumm

For dinner last night, since we never eat traditional meals, we ate at the hotel again. Lauren and I had the vegetarian and we got two different things. There's always cabbage, but this time, they gave me an extremem amount of tomatoes.

Tomatoes in the salad. Lauren didn't want her tomatoes (grape or cherry served cooked, still on the vine). Extra, random tomato salad that came halfway through the meal. Don't forget the tomatoes that came as a garnish with my meal of grilled vegetables, rice, and steamed broccoli and cauliflour.

Desert was this fantastic mound of candied pear filled with crushed nuts and topped with a cherry! Uh, I'm salvatating.

Lunch was similar to the day before. I ordered another baklava-looking  thing but this one was cut in strips of about 10cm. For  2KM (like, 1euro) and 250kilos, I got them filled with spinich and cheese.

I love food prices here because it allows me to buy more stuff that matters, like turkish scarves and honey. hehehe

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