Saturday, March 10, 2012

Twas the Day Before Travel

Woke up with the sun only to be ditched by the person who said she was going to go on a hike with me this morning.

I had never gone hiking in Lugano before and she was suppose to show me the way. Not matter, two hours later a friend had tol me how to get there and I made my descent.

With each stride, I noticed it felt more like fall than Spring: there was a bite in the air, leaves were brown and scattered all over the muddy ground, unnoticed. It was almost disorienting.

Going up San Salvatore, I couldn't believe how many steps there were. Rocks littered the terrain underneath the sheath of leaves but the Swiss really love to put steps on their trails...

It only took me an hour to get to the top. That includes short stops for scenic views. This was the cleanest I've experienced Ticinese air and the most beautiful I've seen Lugano. The panoramic view from the top of the 19th century church was inspirational.

The church was one of Switzerland's more shabby, but a little ways down was a (free) museum of the area so I peeked inside. A lady wrapped up in what I considered a winter parka, greeted me immediately.

So, on this fine visit, I learned more about the geological and religious history of the area I lived in while improving my Italian and French.

I trekked back down thinking how much my parents would have loved to do something like that with me, but glad I was alone since they couldn't join me.

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