Wednesday, September 25, 2013

To Morocco I Go

Two free baklava, one Moroccan nutmeg espresso, and a million people asking me if I´m Moroccan. This is what happens when I go to the Moroccan pavilian. (I vaguely remember this happening in southern France, too....)

It started as just a visit to see a friend, but turned into this. Bien chance, eh? ;)

Merci beaucoup et shukran!

Flashback provided by Kyo (French boy band, just give them a shot) :

working for the mouse

I´ve been a Cast Member at Walt Disney World Resorts a little over a month now and I´m starting to see a trend.

Let me start from the begining. I work at All Star Music Resort for this internship. Most of the resort is nice, nothing special--spacious pool, budget prices, easy access to the parks, and what would a Walt Disney location be without giggles galore. But behind the chipper smiles is a not so happy place, Intermission Food Court. Here you will find employees who´ve been forced to serve hoards of Brazilian tour groups. These tour group can be up to 200 people. Imagine that. Not just 200 random guests, but 200 intercontinental guests flying together with a common goal.  I´m baffled as to why this many people would hop continents together... But now I just feel bad for their airline. And my family reunions......

The resort next door is under reconstruction . What does this mean, you may ask? This means that Intermission Food Court´s occupancy level has regularly been reaching to 160% capacity for the past few months.

Yeah, bugga.

At around 8pm is when we have a steady stream at each station. From around 8:45 to 10:30 is when we all develop Dr. Jekll/Mr. Hyde personalities. Picture it.

At least Mr. Hyde smiles.

The most curious part of life now though is all the strange bruises, pains, wounds, sores, and sprains I find after I leave Intermission Food Court.


I tried flossing after I got home from a grueling night on the job. To my surprise, though, the tips of my fingers were scorching. With floss strangling the circulation out of my fingers, I looked in the mirror and I noticed a dark purple bruise on the back of my wrist. Both of my knees feel like a soccer player jumped on them with their cleats on.  Then there´s the strange avacado-shaped bruise on the side of my leg and a red  cut/bump on my wrist.


There´s a few more but I won´t go into detail. In fact, I can´t go into detail because my alternate ego likes to keep secrets from me (scroll up to picture, man on left).

So now that you all think I´ve lost it, I´ll leave you with this, the latest hit single in Deutschland. It soothes my alternate ego´s soul.

monkey-ing around

This is what happens when I find Rafiki...

best friends forever.