Monday, September 19, 2011

Sweets Galore Tour!

Well, this was one way to see Lugano.

First Stop: hot chocolate. There were only eight choices but it was all absolutely delicious. It's not the watery liquid they serve in the States. These guys just took a bar of chocolate, melted it down and served it. I had the Cioccolate Pepperoncini (spelling?) Think chocolate with chile pepper.  It tasted like Christmas. In fact, the best Christmas I've had in years! ;)

Second Stop: Gelato. I've only had it a few times while here, but this has to be the best stuff in town. There were so many choices like Godiva, grappa americano (american grape aka concord grape), marzipane, and what appeared to be merengue. I had a mix of Pistacchio e Fico (fig). The fico even had the seeds in it!! Both were phenominal and made right there,daily, in the shoppe.

Stop Three: Chocolate. We were each allotted 100 grami. I got two flavors of I really don't know what. One is pink and a little tart. The other is dark chocole with something in it. Some nut or twig....who knows?

All I have to say is thank you Liz for signing me up for this Tutte le Stradde event!!! You could very well be the best neighbor I've ever had.


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