Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pompeii Lecture

There was a lecture about the history of Pompeii on wednesday that I went to. The speaker was from the University of Rome and was one of the best public speakers I've seen. There was so much to learn in that one hour I wish I took notes.

After the speech I got dinner at the reception, which of course is only suppose to be snacks and fingerfoods. I just really didn't feel like walking all the way up to North Campus. Everything was free here anyway.

As I was munching a local lady sat down next to me. We had a great time and pleasant conversation. She was Swiss Italian, originally from Italy, and she was about ten years younger than my oldest grandmother. But no matter--we had fun. Her name is Francesca and she ended up giving me a ride home because we found out we live about a block away from eachother.

I hope she comes back to the next lecture next week!

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