Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just a couple FYI's

First, I'm in love with the lunchman. He speaks to me in Italian; I speak to him in Spanish. I love it when he makes melanzane (eggplant), which could be why I'm in love with him. I have yet to learn his name.

Second, last night Liese and I slept over Tavia's at Airone, next to the Office of Student Life where all the sign ups for activities are. Liese and I got up at six (even though they don't open till 8:30), took our sleeping bags down and slept there for awhile. We were the first ones to sign up for that Ponte Tresa trip. I now have free train tickets for this saturday yet again. (There were only 20 spots.) We're doing it again tonight for the trip to Gandria. (Only 12 spots!)

Third, Swiss windows are the best invention for mandkind. So efficient. So...Swiss.

Fourth, 12oz container of whey power in Cheyenne is roughly 15USD. In downtown Lugano, it's half the size and 26.33CHF (over 32USD).

Fifth, don't fear I haven't sent any post cards yet...too expensive,I don't have stamps, and the post office is a bit of a walk for me.

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