Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Malta: getting closer

I had my first Academic Travel class today. We meet everyother wednesday for a total of five meetings until the trip, which is October 15-30!! (It's worth 2 credits).

We went over some travel plans, the itenerary, but mostly the syllabus and the coursework. I can't wait! It's related around business and teaching English. I have to line up some interviews for when I get there. So yes, I have to call Malta. I get the calls for free if I use the office phones though. =D

We went over some history and geography of the islands as well. I knew it was in the Mediterannean but I had no idea just how close it was to Tunis and Sicily! He says the biggest danger right now is drunk tourists, which makes sense because one of their main industries is tourism.

I don'tk now too many people in the class but I like who I got paired up with as a roommate! Her name is Alethia and she's a sophomore from the States.

The teacher is actually my favorite right now, even though I've only had one class period with him. He's also from the States and has just been the most enthusiastic so far. It also helps that I REALLY want to be there. I mean, call me a suck up, but I told him that Malta was an influencing factor in choosing to go to Franklin.

Maman (my paternal grandmother) is going to be SO jealous! She will be getting the first and the most postcards. =)

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