Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bellanzona Wine Festival: Yes, I Am Legal

I woke up early and ran up that hill to Airone on wednesday morning to secure my spot on this trip. And because of my excruciating efforts, was number 13th on a list of a possible 50. My train ticket to the Bellanzona Wine Festival was free!

Yesterday, I took the 30 minute train ride with Liz (pronounced Lies) Grier and Tavia Wagner. From my facebook pictures I'm sure you can tell we. had. fun.

We walked through town; they had their markets set up with locally grown food and a multitude of swiss scarves I should've bought. We ate lunch at a Kabob House then spent the next two humid hours at one of three castles this city has!

Our mission was to find the dungeon; we failed. But we did managed to get into the moat. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Back in town, we purchased the wrong wine glasses. We were suppose the 10CHF-ers that allowed us unlimited refills. Between my Spanish and Liz's French, we straightened things out. 

And then we went to work! Our goal was to get free wine from every stand, but we're pretty light so that didn't work too well...I mean, after the second taste (which didn't even fill half a small wine glass) I could feel it. But we pushed on. Most Swiss wines are particularly dry despite color. But I found one that was out of this world. I forget what it's called, but it's white. Not clear like the traditional white wine, though. It was thicker, almost like a margharita although more liquidy. It took me maybe 15 minutes to drink it the thing was so strong. But it was sweet and I liked it!

This could very well have been the best "buffet" of my life.

It was raining when we got back to Lugano. A little depressing but I went back to my dorm and my neighbors, Michelle and Natalya, were there so that was fun. But because of the rain, the trip to Mt.Boglia this morning was canceled. It's supposed to rain 35mm in two hours today...

I fell asleep when my head hit the pillow at 21.30.

Oh, and Italian wine has preservatives that jumble some things up in your brain. So if anyone ever tells you they have a hangover after drinking Italian wine, they're lying. 

I have to go back to Bellanzona on monday with Tavia to see the Swiss Consolate. Maybe we'll have time to do another castle!

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