Monday, September 12, 2011

Fresh Produce

Everything is new. In fact, I might be in "college culture" shock from all the unusual things I'm absorbing. There's so many things I could write about, I'll just start with my 30 minute excursion today.

To the grocery store. Ah, yes, the grocery store (Denner, to be exact for those of you Franklinites reading). So there I was, in between the frozen food and fresh produce. In a little basket high up on a shelf was what appeared to be an exotic purple fruit--turkish figs immediately came to mind. I approached the seeminly familiar  treat and was ready to buy a mound of it. These weren't figs. These were...."prugnes".

WHAT?? PRUGNES?? An image of my short, redheaded abuela eating dried California prunes resurfaced in my prefrontal lobe.

Fantastic. Here I was in a grocery store I'd never been in before looking at something with a not-so-pleseant connotation attached to it with a craving for turkish figs.

Long story short, I bought the prugnes, I'm eating them now, and they're scrumptious.

Unfortunately, I still want the figs.

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