Friday, January 25, 2013

You will not believe the events of today...

My box from Spain came in and nothing broke!!!!

A friend visited me!!!! I haven't seen my friend since my one semester at the Las Vegas Academy (first semester jr. year of high school).

Oh it was all so exciting!

Okay, so maybe the most thrilling events of today wouldn't be quite so engaging for you, but this is my reality. It's not bad. Like everywhere, I just have to get used to it.

Think, I haven't been settled in one location since my senior year of high school. Coming to UNLV and moving into these apartments was a welcomed break for me after living under the constant supervision of my parents for three weeks. Not that they're strick or anything. (But then again I wasn't asking to go out or anything....).

After straightening things out with my schedule on campus, I walked to the nearest strip malls by my apartments. I was expecting to find a Kosher Deli and an etheopian restaurant; that's what the signs said. The etheopian restaurant did not exist and the Kosher Deli was in fact an over-priced Kosher sit-down restaurant.

The 7-11 nearby is crummy. I felt a little threatened walking through. Gone are the days of my dad and I walking to the nearest 7-11 in Pennsauken, New Jersey for a slurp-ee.

Sketchy looking man looks at me too long while waiting at a buy cross walk. This is how it all went down:

him: "Aw, hey gurl. What's ur name?"
me: shake my head and look away
him: "Do you talk?"
me: "uh, yeah I talk."
him: "u have a boyfriend?"
me: "yes", as I show him my hand as if I had a ring on it.
him: didn't notice I didn't have a ring, amen. "al-ight. you have a nice day, MA'AM." crosses street
me: I cross the other street.

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