Friday, January 25, 2013

first week at UNLV complete...and it's not even Friday!

So here's the grand schedule for the semester:

-Music Fundamentals
-Spanish, Conversation and Composition
-Elementary German
-Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
-Piano Class

The piano class is too easy, I'm in love with the German professor, the Music Fundamentals prof has long blond dreadlocks. I don't have courses on Friday's and I now have my MagicBullet blender with me! I made Egyptian red lentil soup and a banana and almond milkshake for dinner tonight. It was incredibly liberating.

My room is bare in comparison to my sorority-sister roommates. Pink and fluff everywhere. Me? I have a small Swiss map with three postcards next to it hanging above my desk.. All three from Gandria (town on the otherside of Lago di Lugano).

The campus is expansive. No matter the reason, whenever I come to this campus, I'm armed with a map and highlighted marks scribbled all over it.

I'm thinking about majoring in Hospitality Management. This is certainly the place to do it. (We see the strip from campus. Whose idea was it to build the university that close to the strip???? I guess it serves as a motivator for all those unmotivated students.)

Nothing particularly outstanding has been happening...unless you count actually being accepted as a non-degree seeking student wonderful.

If you'd like me to write about a topic, just email me at or through facebook. I'd love to know what I've left out from all my travels!

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