Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nerves are building

Well, I received four postcards from two exotic Portuguese locations (two from Madeira, two from Porto). Mind you, this was both on the same day.

It's nice to receive mail from myself, but I'm still anxiously waiting for this box. My mom thinks someone in Spain stole it and judging by the way I sent the package, I'm not surprised. (I was rushed, they kept telling me it wasn't packed correctly. It wasn't a good box, though. I bought it from them and it didn't close like a normal cardboard box I would have preferred to use. The ladies at the front desk were frustrated with me). I remember putting down the value of the box as less than it really was as a "deterrent"; don't think it worked. So here I am biting my nails. 

Meanwhile, my parents didn't even read the postcards...

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