Saturday, January 12, 2013

Where's my box??

Nearly five weeks have rolled by since I sent a package from Salamanca to Las Vegas. Where could it be???

It has the Hungarian teacups/saucers, vintage leopard print leggings from Frankfurt am Main, a Spanish liqueur, and who knows what else...

and I didn't get insurance on it...uff, learing the hard way. At least I packed two bottles of Crema de Orujo in my luggage so I have those. (We just opened the first bottle of Orujo straight from the Feria del Orujo and they loved it. Their first reaction was to go to the liqueur store and pick up another bottle....little do they know what I went through to get that bottle).

On the plus side, I was going through my day-planner from 2012, the last few pages where I write all my notes. Among recipies, e-mail addresses, and a list of things to do in Poland, I unearthed a list of Swiss musicians! Who knows where I got this from. Not all of them sing in their respective languages, but I still enjoy their work. Here's a few in case you're interested:

Chiara Dubey (Italian, made it to Eurovision finals for Switzerland)
Patent Ochsner (Swiss German)
Zuri West (Swiss German)
Stefan Eicher (French)
Bligg (Swiss German rap. from him I've learned that I don't like rap in any language)
Baschi (Swiss German)
Mani Matter
Mash-ewigi liabi

(If you want to listen to some of my favorite Bulgarian hits, listen to Ivana--dujd ot rozi is a catchy one--and Zaidi Zaide [there is controversy as to whether this is Bulgarian or Macedonian]. The former is pop from a former lawyer gone superstar and the latter is folkloric). Prepare yourself for something different if you watch Ivana's video clips. There's nothing wrong with them, they're just Bulgarian. =) here is Zaidi, Zaidi by Tania Skechelieva--live

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