Sunday, January 1, 2012

After Murcia.....

The next morning, after this wonderful meal, I was given the traditional Murcian breakfast. Ricissimo! =)

My friends picked me up and next stop: Almeria. Ah, yes. The old coastal port with a seemingly out-of-place Moorish castle. The castle was locked but we hiked to the top and listened to the obnoxiously loud music the gypsies were playing.

You think people playing loud music in their car in the States is annoying? Just listen to some of the stuff gitanos play. Okay well, not all of it's bad, but it just doesn't stop. It's constant and I just could not handle living in a town with constant techno beats.

We continued driving to the town "Montril", even smaller than Almeria and still on the coast. A feria was taking place so we made a quick stop through there. We even stumbled upon a really cool church and a Chinese restaurant, where I tried Shark Soup and Ancas de Rana (frog legs, more or less). The Soup was just not for me. It wasn't bad, but now I know I never need to eat shark again. Eh, same with frog. I just like my vegetables way too much to be eating things like that....

The next day: GRANADA!

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