Monday, December 26, 2011

As a Murciana on Christmas day...

...I woke up the latest I've ever gotten out of bed in my life and hit the town!

Everything was closed,  but I managed to attend a mass and a parade. The mas was full and nothing was different from what I remember of church in the States.

Lunch was an upscale Bocadillo with Atun y pimiento (tuna and pepper). All for the grand price of 3.12...and that includes the bottle of water, flamenco music, and meat hanging from the ceiling.

In the evening my host and I met up with a friend, another Antonio, where we stayed and the time just flew. We were there for 2 hours--??? Good times =)

Then my friend and I sat in front of one of the cathedrals where there was a three man band playing some Frank Sinatra.

We ended the night by watching the film "Eat Pray Love".  I am so the Julia Roberts of that movie. If that's my life, then at least I

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