Sunday, January 1, 2012


How do I begin with Granada??

We got to this beautiful town early and had a three hour tour at La Alhambra, possibly the best arquitectural achievement in the Arabic world (or so they say). I believe it though. The whole palace was pure art. Every tile and geometrical design was hand sculpted. I've posted pictures on fb but they just don't do it justice...

My tour guide was also something to speak of. Talk about beautiful Spanish genetics. He had this smooth caramel skin and this hair that Hands down, best tour of my life....I highly recommend. hehehe

I parted from my adpoted family that afternoon in seach of a hostel. It took me a lot longer than I anticipated, but I ended up trying a Spanish tortilla at a restaurant designed with Arabic motifs but decorated with very Spaniard art. (paintings of flamenco dancer's everywhere.)

My mom always makes these Spanish tortillas but I never believed her when she called them a "Spanish tortilla". I always thought that was her own invention. haha I would always wonder "where did she come up with that name?"

This was my first time staying in a hostel. It was quiet and out of the out of the way that I got lost trying to get back home the first night (after coming back from a flamenco show!). The show was good but it was tough to see. The small room just did not work.

But the second night, I went to a different show on  the other side of town. And this was was such an improvement. I ordered REAL paella, sangria, and the best creme bruelee (sorry, spelling?) of. my. life. And the view was perfect!! I saw all the dancers and musicians.

This dinner was actually really nice because I was invited by another couple from Japan to eat with them. It was hilarous because they were taking so many photos --I loved it! The husband actually got some really nice shots of the performers (and of me eating...) We exchanged emails so I'm sure I'll be getting those soon...We ended up riding the bus home together because our accomodations were in the same area.

The rhythems hooked me. Even just watching the guitarrists' fingers move over the fingerboard was amazing--he had some serious dexterity. The dancers were incredibly skilled as well. They wore the traditional red garb and could just move in ways I didn't understand. They would make some sounds that I just couldn't figure out where they came from! I don't think it was their shoes and it definitely wasn't their's a mystery I'm still trying to solve.

Not a bad night I'd say.

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