Sunday, January 1, 2012


Spent one day here but it was all I needed.

I saw the Christian palace, then the Mosque. The Sinagogue wasn't open at that point. The gardens for the Christian palace were my favorite place: very spacious, ancient monuments and statues of people I didn't know, and lots of sun. I think I was there for an hour just standing in the sun. The Mosque was another beauty, but unfortunately made of marble and absolutely freezing. And I found it easy to get lost, even though it was only one floor and one room.

Don't laugh. Once you visit you will's that dang geometry that they HAD to perfect. =) loved it, but La Alhambra wins.

That evening I went to the Arabic Baths. One of the most memorable experiences of my time in Spain!!! It was a calm setting, very dim and sparcely filled with people. Even though I hated going into the cold water, it made the warm water feel so much better.

There were four pools that you were suppose to switch between. Most people skipped the cold water, but I'm more noble than that. So people looked at me weird when put my head under. (most didn't leave the steps). hahahahaha but the best part was the sauna. ah, the sauna. I cant tell you how long I was in that little place for. Well, I was there until a lady pulled me out to give me my massage. Yeah, it's a good life. After drifting off for 15 minutes I went back into the salt water pool, had my tea, and left.

I was there for over two hours and was one of the last ones to leave.

The next day was a 10 hour bus trip back to Valencia. I decided I didn't want to go to Sevilla because I wanted more time in Madrid and I want to save it if my mom ever comes out this way.

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