Tuesday, January 24, 2012

London already???

Only three days into school and I'm already leaving again!

I'm going to London for a Model UN competition--my first one ever. And I'm so underprepared. I was assigned the country of Seychelles, which is good because no one will know anything about it. But really, I've been looking up news in Seychelles lately and it's been hard finding newspapers for that country. For this, I was forced to check out CIA Worldfactbook.

Either way, now I have more information for this one minute speech I must make on friday. At least I have a six hour train ride to Geneva to write a rough draft.

I'm so glad I did speech and debate in high school or I would be so much more nerous about this right now...

I think I'm just excited to have a full free day in London this thursday. The British Museum is near my hostel so I think I'll go there first. Hmm, or maybe I'll just go eat some really spicy Indian food. Yeah....now that sounds like a plan. Too bad the pound is even worse to the dollar than the euro. I think I might starve this weekend. Chip chip cheer-e-o!

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