Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve and Day 2011: Estilo Velenciano

New Year's Eve:

Subterranean River. Centro. The Beach. And that was just the afternoon. It was just the four of us--me, Jessenia, and her parents. Who knows what happened to Saul....

The beach was probably the most fun--I took off my boots and got as far in the water as I could without getting drenched. It wasn't even cold! It was warmer than the Atlantic in summer. And to top it off, the sun was out and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Later that night, we had this huge dinner at this man's house. He was a family friend. This was where we celebrated!! SO much better than being alone in some club in Madrid. jaja...

The man we were with was elderly and kept on asking me why I wasn't eating any of the Serrano meat or snacking before the meal. I thought I was being polite by not snacking. I gave in though, to the mounds of Spanish cheeses, green olives, walnuts, and dates.

We drank Sangria and champagne and right when the clock striked 12.00, we ate a grape for every year starting with 2000. Explanation--Senora served each person a saucer with 12 grapes on it. We ate a grape for every second starting at 12.00. I hope I explained that all the way.....this was something fresh compared to the typical banging of pots and pans I'm used to.

New Years Day!!:

With my new favorite people!! From everyone there, I only knew Rafa y Limber (the two that were over Saul's house everyday for a week).  But it was perfect. I danced with all of them. Bachata, salsa, mambo, raeggaton (spelling?), choque (jejejejeje), merengue, y tango! Since all the guys are from different countries, there were some debates on how to properly dance each style. I was the guinea pig. =)

Yeah, I really can't remember doing anything else besides dancing and socialising from when we got there around 1.30 til 7.45. I did hit a point around 5.30 when I just wanted to go to bed, but then Saul started playing the good music again and. I continued dancing. Oh, and I this was my first REAL experience with merengue and choque.

Almost everyone was from south america, except me. There was Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, y Ecuador...only one guy, Vicente, was full Spaniard.

What would I have done if I was in Wyoming or Vegas? Nothing nearly as rad as this.

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