Friday, December 21, 2012

Some notes about the Portuguese...

--they serve coffee excessively hot, ye be warned innocent tongues and sensitive teeth

--their coffee is bitter, much more so than its Spanish or Italian counterpart

--Portuguese coffee is also super ridiculously cheap

--I have yet to see a restaurant/cafe without a tv in it

--they don't like Spanish (the language, I have no idea how they feel about the people)

--people are generally poorer here than in Spain/a Portuguese man told me he thinks that Spaniards are generally rich ( I don't know if he has been to Spain...guessing not)

--Portuguese think that the Brasilian accent is easier to acquire as a non-native speaker

--the Portuguese do not enjoy Christmas markets as much as other countries do, but they enjoy the Christmas season more. (ie, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Christmas music playing on stereos on the streets at night and in grocery stores)

--Portuguese food is better than Spanish food (even though I'm killin' for a bocadillo)

--Portuguese grocery stores are awkwardly set up (pans next to the cat food, school supplies next to baby food...), yet they have a better selection of yogurt than Spanish grocery stores

--Portuguese don't stay out quite as late/party as much as the other part of the Iberian Peninsula

More to come...

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