Monday, December 24, 2012

Canadian Thanksgiving Sunday

After some good ol' fashioned homework and reading aloud for practice, I went for an evening stroll. I went shopping down a street I've never visited before. I didn't find any outstanding deals on clothes, but I did pick up some chocolate soy milk, cheese from Castilla y Leon (this provence), and a butternut squash.

I enjoyed a 21:00 dinner of eggplant slices topped with Spanish cheese. For desert I just simmered some yellow Spanish peaches with honey. This is me being creative.

I met up with my roommate and her friend at this little hole-in-the-wall bar we found along Gran Via. It was such a gorgeous night I don't think we actually wanted to sit in a bar; we did anyway. The bar, Havana Club, was decorated with old brass and woodwind instruments. It was done tastefully, though. (They had four versions of my beloved mellophone hanging galantly, where I could sip my red Vermouth and gaze on).

I didn't go clubbing, but I checked them out before going home...should have gone out Saturday. gah.

Went to bed and woke up to a barking dog. Oatmeal with honied peaches. Put a concotion of mint leaves and rooibos on my face; I looked like a tree. Anything to clear my face.

Now I have my Sunday to prepare for the week, take a siesta, tarea, and go to a Canadian Thanksgiving made by two Canadians!! I can not wait for tonight. We're having dinner at 20:00 at the apartment that my friend, Alycia, rents. She lives with two other Spaniards and they're coming, too. So it's going to be two Canadians, an American, and two Spaniards at a Canadian Thanksgiving meal in Salamanca, Espana. This is what I live for.

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