Friday, December 21, 2012


This 19th of December, I celebrated my birthday on a Portuguese island. Exactly.

I started the day by eating a perfectly ripe anona on the deck of my hostel overlooking a church, banana fields, and the ocean.

Two hours of surfing took up the next part of the day. Athletisicm is not my specialty and even though I was absolutely assulted by the waves, surfing couldn't have been a better option.

After a lunch of more anonas and avocados, I went for a wander, a walk, between small Portuguese villages. There were so many banana fields, avacado trees, anona trees, stunning views, goats that seemed to pop out of nowhere. After dark, I made my way down the mountain.

And I think this was the night I had three anonas for dinner. hehehe I'm really going to miss those things! Only three for a euro, can you believe that?? My mom talks about them like they're so expensive. (But I guess coming from a country where you just climb the treees to get them...)

It was a simple day away from a big city, just what I always wanted.

And happy birthday to Andrea Coelho, whereever she may be!

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