Thursday, May 31, 2012

To Mrs. Coelho

Dear Mrs. Coelho,

This past weekend I traveled solo to Metz, Nancy and Doremey-la-Pucelle. It was a spur of the moment decision I had made the evening before.

It was sunny out the whole time, slightly breezy. Flowers had bloomed into a solid buttercup yellow in the countryside. though some fields were almost pure while.

I was able to practice my french the whole time as I can not remember meeting any native who could speak English or Spanish. I found myself in some tough situations where I couldn't get my ideas across. Not until I pulled out the French-English dictionary you gave me at Barnes and Noble before I left.

The dictionary was the first thing I packed for my weekend in France and I pulled it out at every chance!

The northern French were some of the most hospitable people I have ever met on my travels through Europe. Whenever I looked frustrated by the language barrier, I had at least three people trying to  figure out the problem and one looking for an English or Spanish speaker.

Oh, me and my little dictionary.

That being said, I needed to say thank you.

Also, my favorite location was Doremey-la-Pucelle. I spent the whole day between three museums, walking around the countryside, and the tiny village. My grandmother's family however many generations ago were from this region so it was on my list, especially now that I live as close as I ever will.

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