Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Last Day in My Swiss Home

My first big adventure of the day: buying my ticket into Deutchland--grand total of 92 CHF, with my half pass/after 7. Sent a second package back to the US for 77 CHF....less than I thought. So now all of my Swiss francs have disappeared. Ciao bellas.

Sat down to lunch at the Grotto with a few friends but the day was consumed with packing, cleaning, and organising.

I'm so nervous to leave Switzerland. The internship isn't what worries me, it's actually moving out of the country, doing an international move, on my own. Not to mention living in a place that uses the Euro...I don't know how I feel about that.

Switzerland just feels so secure. I'm not worried about traveling alone at night in this country, even with the amount of things I will be carrying, it's making sure I catch the train.

In Germany, I don't know what to worry about, if that makes sense...

With so many things on my mind and two finals tomorrow, I shouldn't be writing. I'll update soon though.

Favorite orchestral piece right now: Borodin's Steppes of Central Asia...bellisima

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