Friday, May 4, 2012

Catching you up since 21st March, 2012


I went to Brunnen Switzerland by myself one morning and made my own Swiss Army knife. It's a beautiful thing. (You know what else is beautiful? Traveling in Switzerland on weekends for the one and only dashing young Swiss Army. They come in German, French, AND Italian.) Hiked for hours through four or so towns, ate some Rosti mit Eier at the end of the day.

My good friend Glo (aka Gloria) and I took a day trip to the Principality of Liechtenstein. Now my life is complete! We did what we do best: get free stuff. We departed Lugano at 5:10 with our half passes but, being strictly efficient, a Swiss SBB member almost charged us 100CHF each for a one way ticket just to Zurich. I cried a little, thinking that I could have spent that money on another easyjet trip, while Gloria tried convincing the lady that we had traveled before at this hour for free. (Our half pass allows us to travel for free in Switzerland  until 5:00). We were lucky it was Easter weekend, or else the lady would not have let us off the hook and we would have been put in the SBB hall (or neatly organised office drawer) of Shame.

We managed to get to this Principality and did the tourist thing: museums, the royal castle (which was built some 600 years ago and the royal family today still lives there)...We also found a vineyard with free winetastings. After the tasting, Glo told me that the manager was speaking with another customer in german. He knew we had no intentions of buying, we just wanted to try the local stuff for free. It was a damp day so it was good to get out of the rain.

I really just don't enjoy school. I'm not doing anything I want, there's no end goal.

Went on another school sponcored wine tasting the next wednesday in Mendrisio...too much wine, too much cheese.

A few weekends later, I went on another school excurion. for a whole day, I biked with my friends through the Gotthard Pass--from Airolo to Biasca. Amost the whole trip was downhill; it was like I was freefalling the whole time. The Alps surrounded us and the different shades of green on the trees casted the most unusual shadows. I had a small bottle of Valais/Wallis that I could enjoy at rest stops. I am convinced that I have never been happier.

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