Monday, May 14, 2012

for travelers going from Italy to Switzerland...practical

A sensible bit of insiders info.

If your flight lands at Milan Malpensa, do take the Malpensa express bus from Milan to Switzerland instead of going from Milan Malpensa to Milan Centrale (train station), to Switzerland. You will save yourself many many hours and SO MUCH MONEY in the long run.

I have had way too many problems in Italy with the transportation alone that I really have no desire to go back at this point. (Yeah, I'm that girls that's crying in the station). I'm just too damn pampered with Swiss trains.

That being said. If you travel from Switzerland (assuming Lugano) to Milan (Centrale or Malpensa) just take the SBB train from Lugano (or other Swiss city) to Milan Centrale and from there, go outside and you will find the buses that take you to Milan Malpensa or Bergamo.

But there is really no need to go to Milan, just come to Switzerland. And there might be the added benefit that I can show you around.

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