Thursday, May 31, 2012

My life is so not Swiss...

As my second week of the internship ends, I realise how much my daily routine has changed since Switzerland.

Despite the stress of University, life was approached differently. People enjoyed long strolls by the lake, dressing up, and community activities. Although I was an outsider, I took part as much as I could and integrated into Ticinese life.

I came to Frankfurt not knowing what to think. I had only been to Germany once before (and that was for Oktoberfest, so I don't know if that counts). But now that I'm here, I can tell that it is very cosmopolitian. Trains, trams, and busses will take you in every direction. People are always hooked up to their iPods: this is something you would never, ever see in Ticino. This is definitely a "German thing"...I remember being shocked at how many Swiss Germans were listening to their iPods in Zurich, but it doesn't even compare to what you'll see here. Frankfurters like to wear solid colors, plaid, or strips. That's it. And the women don't like boots or dresses like they do in Switzerland and Italy...even Britian! It's rare to see women wearing makeup here...

The city is so large! I have to take a tram and a train in order to get to work; it takes no less than 40 minutes. I don't even work in Frankfurt. I work outside of it, but a few thousand other people commute to this same district each day as well, so what I'm doing isn't uncommon.

On the plus side, I've eaten paella Valenciana and Thai food this week, two things that would be way too exotic for the Swiss. Not to mention the Thai food was actually spicy! I've also found my new favorite store and the only place I will ever shop at ever again: Epiphany. A vintage place around the Zeil. I bought two dresses today and a top. Smiley face.

So there are some plus sides to this whole "big city" know, this is the first metropolitian city I've lived in? Exciting isn't it? Oh, the possibilities.

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