Friday, October 19, 2012

ahh, back to oatmeal

My day has been unusually productive and happy =) except for this bocadillo vegetal I bought. Biggest waste of 3.80 ever. It had white asparagus and mayonese, which I hate. These were not listed on the menu. Extrememly ticked now that I'm eating oatmeal when I have a big hike this weekend.

I'm going to Picos de Mampodre. I signed up through the PE department and all 28 of us leave 6:30 tomorrow morning. We're staying overnight in a hostal somewhere around there, south of Santander up north.

I'm expecting it to just be me and Spanish students attending the USAL!!!

After class, I got two small yet delicious tapas for 1.80 euro, siesta-ed for about two hours then hit the town. I met with a freind from York, England. He's meeting his son in the Canary islands next week so this was his last weekend to explore a bit and such. We made a bunch of stops and we went to parts of town I still hadn't even heard of! I probably would not have ever made it there without him.

(I finished my glass of oatmeal; I'm still hungry.)

Powershopping was next on my list. I bought a pair of silver earrings made here in Salamanca for 6.50 euro and I reached my goal of finding a plain black headband. ??? Which was a lot more difficult to find than you'd expect. No jokes. I worked for that .60 cents. And in the process, I found a bunch of stellar shops I've been meaning to look at. Including a retro vintage store and a tienda that has hand-made Spanish bags! eek!

I went to my normal stores to make sure the things I want didn't sell. hehehe. You know if I had my way, my wardrobe would be fairly gaudy...

Almost 22:00, I'm still hungry, I haven't showered, I don't have everything packed, I haven't showered, I have to wake up at 5:30,  ug.  All in the name of travel.

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