Saturday, October 6, 2012

Salmantino Nightlife...

Did everyone skip the clubs and just go to sleep early last night? After all that disappointment and build up from this week, I can say that I've had better nights in Lugano and even Frankfurt. I had read so much about Salamanca before coming and so much of it included the "nightlife". It is a quite peaceful town, though overflowing with student life. Spain could very well be the Las Vegas of Europe, but only to a certain extent. (I can't imaging this quiet continent wanting to do half the things I've only heard about in Vegas).

 The good part, though, was that everything was within walking distance. No bus, taxi, or train necessary.

As my friend Alyssa and I headed out the door and onto the main road, we were bombarded with water balloons. That's right, as we were walking, some kid was throwing water balloons from an eight story apartment.

Then we had a 17-year old Irish kid buy us drinks.


Shouldn't he have been in bed?

All I wanted to do was dance, maybe find a decent salsa bar hot spot. I'm just going to have to try another night.

Or just save my energy on studying and traveling.

Next weekend is a three day weekend. I'm thinking Galicia!!

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