Thursday, October 4, 2012

First week of classes, Salamanca style.

First week of classes???? Success!! Here is my schedule:

-Gramatica (dos horas)
-La Historia de Espana (un hora)
- El mundo arabe en el mundo espanol (un hora)
-Destrezas Escritas (un hora)

I attend classes from 9:00 until 14:20, without any breaks. I have a 10 minute passing period to get through the Plaza Mayor to my next building (which I can never find). With as much traveling as I do, you'd think I wouldn't be quite this directionally challenged...

I've been eating out for lunch everyday, though I have a kitchen. Grocery shopping has been tough because of the siesta hours from 14:00 til 16:30. The only things I have in the pantry are oatmeal, budget spanish chocolate, a huge jar of honey from Caceres, extra virgin olive oil from somewhere in this country, and licor de orujo (pressed from a Spanish grape and herbs, very strong, somewhat like Irish Bailey's).

More updates to come.

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