Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another bright and sunny week

Although I was awake until midnight cooking a butternut squash, it turned out quite tasty. Unfortunately, it's already gone (a breakfast, lunch, and dinner later). Peach sautee with honey again for dessert. yes.

I walked to El Corte Ingles last night, which turned out to be the worst department store I've experienced. Ever. Good thing I was equipt with a batido con zumo de naranja y melocoton (smoothie with orange juice and peaches).

I'm on a peach streak.

At Flamenco class earlier I learned a new step, which I'm proud of. It's called "contra el tacon" (against the heel). It was deceivingly easy, then the instructor had us do it in double time. arg.

I've studied all my subjects tonight, wrote my two postcards to my cousins, and have started packing for my three day weekend in Vigo, Galicia!!!!

Thursday afternoon after class I'm going with Caroline, my roomie, and Alycia, two wonderful Canadians. We have Friday off for Columbus Day/ El Virgin de Pilar. Lovely, eh?

And here I am, getting ready to go to a salsa bar after a dinner of a scrambled egg with herbabuena y rooibos tea.

To be continued...

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