Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Average week

Left Lugano on Thursday evening with Gloria. Got locked into Milan Centrale with a graduate student from Israel, whom we took cookies from when he wasn't watching. (He offered them to us beforehand, but...) hehehe

Since it was the first night of Carnivale, the guards were drunk (ln the Italian side only). Ye be warned.

Although exhausted, I stayed up for most of flight. I remember looking out the window of the Ryanair jet and seeing only the rough mountains of central Italy, splattered by snow and sun. Literally, a few minutes later, we were over some islands in the Mediterranean. We passed some rickety looking boats with fishermen, the most beautiful water you will ever see, and flamingos.

There we were, in Cagliari (pronounced: Ka-EE-ahr-ee). That's the capital of Sardinia, aka the cheapest flight I could find for this particular weekend.

It was a minimum of 60 F the whole weekend. Not swimming weather but we were at the beach whenever we could get there!!

We also took this mini hiking trip to Sella Diavolo (the Devil's Saddle). Not too bad of a hike but the only shoes we brought were "woman boots"....

One of the strangest things we saw was a small flock of male peacocks in a park. There were children jumping rope, swinging, people walking their dogs, and peacocks. Pics on facebook.

I'm not usually a fan of Italian food (Italian food from Italy), but the last night we had one fabulous meal. Mirto, gnocchi con noci, and we even pulled out some Monica Wine. I don't think I can drink anything else again. Ahh...

It took us so long to get from Bergamo to Lugano, as it always does.

You would think that life would go back to routine after all that. No. Last minute on Tuesday, I decided to go to Carnivale with another friend. Left at 22:30, back at 5:30, dressed up as a homemade Valentines Day present. Pics on facebook. (Ye be warned)

Now it's Thursday night. What's there to do? Well, Gloria and I went to the spa for free!! I found a flier offering a free session to a local spa so she booked it. We originally got the day wrong, went wednesday, and yeah that was annoying.

But for 3 hours, I spoke some form of English/Spanish/Italian. I had a "nutritional facial" done in a room with 5 other people and the walls were the most fabulous shade of bright green I've ever witnessed.

It was actually really nice. Very Swiss. They had the Renasaince pictures on the walls, didn't speak a word of english, and they shook hands with us because they knew we were American. Oh, dear...

That was my average week.

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