Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More London

There were so many people to talk to!

The MUN of UCL hosted a dinner for the participants. good times....

They also bought tickets for us to get into a couple clubs. It was 80's night at one. I still remember doing the exercises similar to "Buns of Steel" with the performers on stage...

I do have to admit that the music could have been better. First, they needed "I believe in a thing called love". Second, they could have snuck some Spice Girls in there.

Tera, Gloria, and I were out til at least 3:00 both nights. We were together for most of it, but we also bonded with the people in our committees.

I made a couple of good friends there I'd say: the Representative of Turkey, the Representative of Somalia,who did a horrid job of representing the US ;) (since when are we run by Exxon Mobile??)

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