Wednesday, December 21, 2011


And here I sit in Valencia.

In the living room of my friend, Saul and his sister Jessenia, I am not doing your typical tourist vacation. I have been surrounded by their friends for the past four days. I'm more incompetent at conversational Spanish than I remember....

None of them speak english, but we manage. =)

On my birthday Saul invited five of his friends over. We bought a cake and sangria and celebrated. December 19 was also the birthday of another group member, Linder, from Bolivia. He is such a spaz. And I mean that in a good way. He always has so much energy when he's awake, but the three times he has been here, he fell alseep. Saul and Rafa (from Argentina...he and I are both the mestizos) almost put a cake in his face but then he abruply woke up. Que lastima...

Jessenia. Ah, Jessenia. She is still in high school and we totally love eachother. She took me to get my hair cut (which is right under their apt....some translation needed) then went to work on straightening my hair. It was so funny because the whole time I've been here, she has loved messing with my hair. You should see hers, though. It long, thick, and the darkest shade of brown without being black. She's about half my height and her skin is so smooth and beautiful!!

Their mother returned today and all hell broke loose. I had to laugh because the same situation would occur when it was my mom, me, and grandmother living together. As soon as my mom walked through the door my abuela and I would attack. The same thing happened with Saul and Jessenia. The sink was running, dishes were clanking, these wonderful smells started coming from the kitchen. It was magical.

And everyday I've eaten rice. Pan con queso for breakfast, then for dinner, always something with rice. A pleasant reminder of home. I would kill for some black bean soup with the egg right about now.

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