Sunday, November 13, 2011

My VerySwiss Weekend

Thursday (close enough to weekend)--went to Swiss bakery where I got this...circular was about the size of my hand and equizzzitely delicious. There was some lemon filling, too, which made this 5am dessert/breakfast REALLY something special. ;) Thank you Salem, for transportation.

Friday--so I finally went to NYX. It was absolutely nothing compared to Hugo's. Malta just has the upperhand in this one.

Saturday--Zurich. How much more Swiss can I get than by going to Zurich. I saw the Occupy Zurich protesters while there and ate a banana curry dish at this vegetarian restaurant. I shopped around a little (ouch, that pricetag hurt) and actually found two shirts for 9 franchi, needless to say that store was packed. I haven't found a city I love more in Europe than Zurich. The language, their way of life, the architecture, the natural beauty,but most of all the people just amaze me. Everything is so much cleaner and more efficient, it seems, in the northern part of the country. Or maybe it just appears to be that way to me because they generally speak more english than the Ticinese. It's vain, I know. I came here I didn't bother to learn any Italian, French, German, or God knows, Romansch. But Swiss German, I can't really tell the difference between it and High German, but I like it more. I can't tell you why really. Maybe it's that it's closer to home. Switzerland is one of my homes, I feel. I have Wyoming, Vegas, and Switzerland (depending on who I'm talking to). But there's just something about Zurich that makes me tic.

Sunday--Today I went to a Swiss woman's house. My job was to teach her 6 year old daughter piano and read to her in english. Easy enough. So that's what we did. The little girl was very bright! We were playing duets by the end of our first be honest I haven't played piano since before I came to Franklin. I hope the girl doesn't become better than me too quickly. I also got lost on the way home for two hours. I went in two circles with the bus and ended up walking home for part of it. uh.

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