Thursday, December 22, 2011


Just something I noticed.....

I thought they didn't have a microwave. It baffled me a bit! =/ But then I found it tucked away in a cabinet. The power for it was shut off.

Their fridge is half the size as mine in the States, but their sink is twice as deep.

Once my dad moved to Vegas and my abuela moved in, we started going through spoons unnaturally fast. I just remember that the spoons would always be dirty and I didn't know why. We ran into the same dilemma here and from this, I have concluded that this could very well be another central/south american plight. Haha, oh the little things in life...

Spanish speaking stores even smell better. We went shopping last night and all of the stores smelt like every perfume my abuela has ever worn, especially Coco Channel. It was welcoming. Something different. I wonder though, if it's a marketing tool that works in Spain/ spanish speaking countries, but not other places like the US, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, etc...just thinking out loud.

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