Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mamma Mia!

Some girlfriends and I made our way from sunny Lugano to Zurich in about two hours. Unfortunately no one wrote down directions so we learned our lesson. Not to worry, we still arrived a good 30 minutes early. (And even if we had arrived late, the show tickets were free! Payed for by SGA, thank you).

Wonderful Miss Gloria and I ventured off and found ourselves trying to order what we thought was pumpkin soup. It was SO not what we thought it was, but hey, I still enjoyed it.

I didn't realize how much they would modify the dialogue in Mamma Mia. The songs were all the same, but the performers were English and Scotish and so the language was completey upsidedown.

They put jokes in about Scotsmen you wouldn't have heard in the States and jokes off Oedipus....yeah, ew. That's the British I guess.

We were originally up in the nose bleeds but the acoustics were awesome. Something I've noticed about the Swiss: many of their buildings are "red" oriented. I'm assuming it's going off their flag, but it kind of reminds me of Nebraska (minus corn on the cob).

The Swiss do not cheer outloud as my American counterparts do. But they will clap for a longer period of time, it seems. I guess it makes up.

Most importantly, the tap water is still AWEsOmE in Zurich!

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