Saturday, November 5, 2011

Spain Is Finalized.

...but first, New Lifestyles November.

for November 5: posted a Swiss article to my fb =)
                         continued writing a research paper on the effect the Swiss franc will have on the national economy....that's a Swiss thing to do, yeah?

So Spain.

I'm departing at 8.40 from Bergamo (BGY) on December 18. flight 5992 arriving in Madrid at 11.00.

I have plans to be in Madrid with a couchsurfing host I found who used to live in Switzerland. She's even going to pick me up from the airport =D

(I know this is a lot of details, but some of it is for me in case I lose my flight info...)

I'll be with her on my birthday, then I'm headed to Valencia to rekindle with my salsa friends from Malta! I'll just take the train on the 20th. I'll be staying with them for two weeks! They're originally from Peru and Ecuador and don't speak very much english so I'm way stoked. We're going to go salsa dancing and bachata dancing and I'm going to become a real latina jeje.
;) ojala

I don't know what I'm doing there yet or who I'm really going to be around. I know I can do anything, go anywhere, but my goal is to learn as much Spanish as I can in the two and a half weeks I'll be there. Who knows when I'll get another opportunity?

Departure is on January 5 at 6.00, flight 5991 from MAD to BGY--no layovers, no extra stops. I arrive at 8.15. Hm, I still have three weeks after that so... I wonder what I'll do next.

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