Thursday, May 9, 2013

You´re Hired...well, you might be.

The front of Trump International Hotel is nothing like the life that comes from the back.

Walking through the front is a very cosmopolitan experience: the limos pull up through the sparkling driveway, the valet greets their guests with a bright smile, and in they go. Beautiful people walking through a beautiful lobby. (It´s unfortunate that sometimes the lobby is more beautiful than the guests. But that´s another story for another time...).

Going through the back is a slightly less calming experience. I´m even convinced the front and back of Trump have nothing to do with each other. Without a chandelier, employees were jumping from English to Spanish, laughing, smiling. Some in suits, others in white chef´s gear. It was really just a boring room with temporary excitement.Through the chaos, I found peace for my upcoming interview (go figure).

Let me just say that they advertised this as a Job Fair. What is really was thought, was a series of one-on-one interviews, which I was  not prepared for. Fortunately, the first interview went a little something like this:

Him: Hello, Monica. Good to meet you. So I see you go to UNLV? (did not look up from my resume until...)
Me: Yes, I´m a sophomore transfer student.
Him: Where did you transfer from?
Me: Franklin College Switzerland.
Him: SWITZERLAND??? (immediate eye contact)

And it was magic.

A group of us who had passed the first interview had been shuffled to a wall to wait by until there were enough of us to go up all the way to the 65 floor for the second interview. Meanwhile, I´m in heels I´ve never worn before and all I can think about is how the big toe on my left is probably slightly longer than the big toe on the right foot.

The manager who did the second interview has been playing phone tag with me the past day so we´ll see....

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