Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring in the City

Walking around just off the Strip at night is a definite no-no, however taking a stroll when the sun is shining over this happy speck-on-the-map will keep you on your toes. Let me explain...

1. Going to an interview at Mandalay Bay, a car pulled up to the sidewalk next to me and asked if I needed a ride somewhere. Um, did they think I was hitch-hiking in a pencil skirt and blazer?? I was only at the Wynn and Mandalay would have been a grisly walk so , well, I took the ride...

2. It´s already ridiculously hot by early afternoon so while I was waiting for the light to change so I could cross the street, I took my sweater off. Innocent enough. Before I knew it, one of those over-sized Hummers is hovering next to me. The light still hasn´t changed. I hear a loud whisper and look back to see the window of the Hummer rolled down. It was two 30-something year old men, giggling like nine-year old´s who got away with opening their Christmas presents early. What was their chant?

¨Puta!....puuuuuuuta¨. (Spanish for a woman who gets paid for her nightly work. You know what I´m talking about...)

I have no hope in marriage.

3. Walking down the Strip at 3 o´clock in the afternoon on a Friday does not guarantee safety. A man who claimed he served in the Gulf War offered to pay me to have his next child.He has two other girls from two previous marriages (one wife was supposedly English and the other was a blond Jewish girl from Germany). We talked about the morals and ethics of raising children (and how much he would pay me) before I lost him the first chance I got at Fashion Show. 

He wanted to give me $10,000 to have the child and wanted me to give the baby to him. 

I told him ¨no¨ because I could easily make twice that much as a surrogate mother. hmmph. 

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