Saturday, February 23, 2013

Next up: Flaxmilk, unsweetened.

Definitely watery, a slightly dry flavor but not powdery. On the plus side, it has 30% Calcium and 25% of your daily dose of Vitamin B12 per 8 fl oz. It has a bit of a grain undertone that I find pleasant over a nice bowl of müsli. White and translucent in color; soft in texture. I actually drink a lot of flaxmilk in the States, but I recommend hemp milk if your new to ¨exotic¨ milks.

Well, we have worked our way into a new tradition. My parents like to see me on weekends (yes, every weekend) so that means we go to the Strip. It´s only three miles away or so. If they come early, we go to the Fashion Show mall. If they come late, we just walk around a few casinos, stop for coffe or dessert. We favor the  Venetian, the Bellaggio, and the Aria. The watershow infront of the Bellaggio never fails to impress us.

One time, we stopped for a cupcake with straberry champagne frosting. This thing even had glitter on it.

Today it was just my mom and I at the Fashion Show. Believe it or not, we spent over seven hours there today. Bloomingdale´s is closing its doors so we hit the sale wracks with fury and walked away with two bargain blankets, which we are extremely proud of. We also walked away with two tops for Mother, two pairs of pants for me, and an incredible blend of chai tea. A true bonding experience between mother and daughter.

The strip is an amazing sight at night. As much as people talk trash about Las Vegas, it does have its own flavor and beauty. Think Vegas cheesy? What´s cheesy about a lion´s den in the middle of a casino? What´s inauthentic about the Bellaggio´s technology to put water shows on every night that are timed to fit different songs? What´s boring about talented people performing in Cirque du Soleil shows? Yes, Vegas has its share of tourist shops, but so does everyother  city. And remember, you cna´t get a gaudier shot glass anywhere else. Las Vegas is constantly reinventing itself to fit what travelers are looking for: fun, no matter the cost.

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