Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Deja vu


A bowl of blackberries and a sandwich on a baguette with mozzerella and honey.

I put on some of my favorite latin beats and was immediately taken back to the gold-moss covered cliffs of las islas cíes. The wind, miles of the northern Atlantic, the refreshing feeling of not wearing a backpack. It was all there.

Did I mention I can finally walk with a straight back again? It took awhile but here I am, looking like Miss America.

On the plus side, I received a 97 per cent on a German quiz! I also had a nice chat with the founder of the Ritz Carlton after my hospitality intro class. He was here to give a lecture, instead, he gave a motivational speech. I was wide-eyed and all ears.

¨Dream. Believe. Dare. Do.¨
                      ---Walt Disney

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