Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eight Days til Freedom.

Eight days away from my dearture from the US and I'm stale. I'm not feeling the magic. Eh, it'll hit me once I get off the plane in Madrid.

My Half Pass for Switzerland ran out at the end of August. My Swiss residency permit expires on the 23rd of September. It's a tad discouraging. I don't think I even need a residency permit for Spain-I'm just a long-tern tourist.

Well, my bags are almost packed already. My one backpack and my one suitcase will be so much easier to maneuver than before. Lugging all my stuff between Lugano and Frankfurt was SO stressful. That's an eight our train ride I wish unto NO ONE.

Life is dry on this side of the world: the land, the air, my life.               

Maybe I should stop and come back when I'm not so nostalgic. Perhaps this moment isn't the right time for another move. Resettling is the most difficult part.

And I still don't have a definite University I'm attending this Spring. University of Nevada Las Vegas is more difficult to work with than I realised.


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